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Tutorial Services -- Your Computer, Your Way

 Your Computer, Your  Way --  I’ve started a new service to give on site calls to show you how to use your computer in your environment, with your thought processes in mind.  Everyone uses a computer differently to achieve the same result.  There’s no set method, so the idea is to develop a personal, efficient style that gets your work done to leave more time away from the computer -- unless, of course, you spend your leisure time there.

You at your computerl

  I think everyone should have a rewarding experience using their computers.  It's important that your computer serves YOU.

PC Help -- All Windows platforms from Win95 thru Win7

 Help with all versions of Windows -- I’ll be continuing with my usual operating system and computer hardware repairs.  I can also help with your mobile devices and their interconnection with all your devices.  Windows 8 integrates well with smart phones and tablets. Windows 10 (coming soon) works even better. If you’re using Apple devices, I’ll show you how to make them “talk” to Microsoft and Android systems.

Starting July 29, 2015, Microsoft is entering a new (to Microsoft) concept of operating system management.  No more “New” OS’s!!  From now on, Windows 10 will be continuously improved thru the  regular updating process with new options/enhancements.  Every device Microsoft has will use the same Operating System -- phones, pads, etc.  This process might be confusing to some of their customers.  Never fear, Webwork Hawaii will be here to help.  If you understand are comfortable with Windows 7 and/or 8, click here for a PDF with some basic upgrade information.

Personal Websites -- Help and linking to social  web services

 I specialize in low bandwidth, quick loading and attractive pages for business or simply linking to your social networking information.  Certain effects like Flash animations, slide shows can be used, to make your site eye catching and informative..   I'll help you through all stages of domain and website hosting.  Prices start as low as $400.00 -- for the basic 3 page website.

Computer Graphics -- Flash animations, Logos and general graphics creation

 Graphics are the most important elements in any website design.  I use the latest image editors, graphics programs and outside sources to create most any kind of graphics for websites.  I also create publisher-ready logos and layouts for brochures, magazine ads, fliers, rack cards, handouts, etc. for a reasonable cost.

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